Saturday, December 3, 2011


Well, I just told my youngest step-daughter that I had a blog.  She doesn't believe me.  What?  I'm not capable of having a blog?  I don't have game?  Well, phooey on that!!! :)  She'll soon see.
We got our Christmas tree today from a tree farm.  I'm so excited to decorate it.  I'll be posting pics of our excursion soon.  We picked out a red cedar this year instead of the usual fir you can purchase from a home goods store.  It has a beautiful shape.  It'll probably be a challenge to decorate but I can't wait.  Then Isabella and I stopped by the dollar store and I found some cute word ornaments.  I love word ornaments.  I think that add so much.  Now I have to go hunt up my garland to go around my front door.  I'll be back later on with the pics.  Thanks for reading and happy decorating to everyone.

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